Тест «Объектные местоимения» в английском

Для тех, кто изучает английский язык, советую пройти еще один тест на знание объектных местоимений в английском языке. Goodluck!

Правило употребления Объектных местоимений вы можете изучить по данной ссылке.

1. Look at ... . It's an elephant.

2. This is Mr. Thompson. Could you show ... a flat, please?

3. I don't have a pen. Give ... to me, please.

4. My daughter's birthday will be tomorrow. I want to buy ... something special.

5. I don't want to watch horror films. I hate ... .

6. Yesterday, we saw Peter. He told ... about Sarah.

7. Look at ... . They are my grandparents.

8. I'd like to tell ... about your son.

9. Your father is very clever person. You should listen to ... .

Show ... their room.

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