Тест на возвратные местоимения в английском языке

Пройдите тест на возвратные местоимения и узнайте насколько хорошо, вы поняли данную тему. Если в процессе выполнения теста у вас возникнут трудности, вы можете еще раз посмотреть правило. Good luck!

Правило доступно по этой ссылке.

I enjoyed ... very much at the party.

Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don't burn ... .

He thinks too much of ... .

Here is the money, go to the shop and buy ... some clothes.

The box was so heavy for me to lift by ... .

Parents shouldn't leave children in the house on ... .

We built most of the house ... .

They went swimming, but they didn't enjoy ... . It was too cold.

Before I start doing something, I will check everything ... .

He says Sara broke the window, but really he did it ... .

She hated being in the house on ... . She was afraid to be alone.

The routine is the same every morning: I wash ... , have breakfast and go for a job.

I do the tests very well when I concentrate ... .

Do you like working in a team or do you prefer working by ... .

I ... made the cake.

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