Тест на Future Simple

Данный тест поможет вам проверить насколько хорошо вы поняли пройденный материал по теме Future Simple. Good luck!

1. It's cold! ... you close the window, please?

2. I'm tired! I ... play with you!

3. I think the weather ... be hot tomorrow and we can go to the beach.

4. There ... be less polution in 40 years.

5. The phone is ringing. I ... answer it.

6. They ... travel around the world one day.

7. Don't forget to take your jacket. It ... be cold tomorrow.

8. I don't like Sarah, so I ... invite her to my birthday party.

9. It .. be rainy tomorrow, so don't forget to take your umbrella.

10. Let's go to our favourite restaurant. Great! I ... cook then.

11. We haven't got any tomatoes. I ... buy some.

12. Watch out or you ... hit your head.

13. Hurry or we ... miss the train.

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