Тест на Present Simple, Present Continuous и Future Simple

       В предыдущих статьях блога вы можете найти темы, касающиеся  трех аспектов времени Present Simple, Present Continuous и Future Simple. А сейчас вы можете выполнить тест, в котором все данные аспекты будут учтены, получить результаты и посмотреть сколько баллов вы набрали.

Where's Paul? He ... at the desk and ... his homework.

The children are in the room. They ... cartoons.

Sarah ... at school every day except Sunday.

What time ... the waiters ... at work? At half past five.

My brother ... a glass of milk in the morning.

I think it ... snowy tomorrow, so don't forget to take your hat and gloves.

He usually ... breakfast at 8 o'clok, but today he ... a shower

We ... football with our friends on Saturday.

My husband and I ... on Saturdays.

Put on your jacket or you ... cold.

I'm afraid I .... time to meet you next Saturday.

Bob is very tired today. I hope he ... to bed early tonight.

Penguins ... in Antarctica.

Erik can speak French but he ... nothing in English.

I hate her. She always .... into my room and ... my things without permission.

Samantha ... at the supermarket, she ... at the bookshoop near our house.

How often ... you ... your mum with the housework?

My brother always ... computer games in his free time.

He ... late for work.

We ... hard this week to prepare to the concert.

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